Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is an additional amount of money given to schools, on top of their main budget. Every school receives a fixed amount of money per pupil for all pupils meeting certain criteria. The main criterion is eligibility for free school meals at any given point within the last 6 years or those children who have been cared for by the Local Authority for at least 6 months. The money is provided to schools so that we can raise attainment and progress for this group of pupils.

The main aims of the pupil premium are to:

  • Increase social mobility
  • Enable more pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to access the best education
  • Reduce the attainment gap between the highest and lowest achieving pupils

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 Pupil Premium 2017-18

The pupil premium allocation has been raised to £1320 per pupil. This year the total allocation for Morningside School will be £270,880. We plan to spend the money in the following ways to target the eligible pupils:

Pupil welfare:

  • Additional support from the Education Psychology Department at Hackney Learning trust
  • Rewards for excellent attendance and punctuality
  • Funding a post for a Pastoral Manager to lead on pupil welfare
  • A member of staff to support transition from Early Years to year 1
  • Extended places at Breakfast Club and after school clubs that are subsidised for those children in receipt of Pupil Premium

Raising Standards

  • Professional development: releasing teachers to work with colleagues across the federation to raise standards
  • Additional intervention teachers to boost  levels and provide small group catch up sessions
  •  Additional Teaching Assistant in Early Years  to support early reading
  • Training programme for teaching assistants
  • City Year volunteers to support in all areas of learning


  • Allocated greater amount of money from budget for off-site activities and in-school enrichment opportunities
  • Project-based family learning to excite, motivate and improve outcomes for pupils
  • Homework and extended day clubs provided free of charge to targeted pupils

PPG Review March 2017

Morningside Pupil Premium Strategy