School Council

School Councillors 2018-19

Year 3

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Year 6

The Morningside school council have the important job of seeking the views of all pupils and sharing them with the adults in school. They make sure that everyone’s voice is heard. They hold a class council meeting, every fortnight, where they feed back from the previous school council and then ask for feedback and areas for discussion. The individuals in each class can add to this agenda and the councillors make sure that everyone has a turn. During the intervening weeks, the school council meet with Janet to discuss the ideas and input from their class.

There are two councillors and two deputies in each class. They are voted in at the beginning of the year and have training on how to be a councillor before they are awarded their badges and sweatshirts in assembly.

Meeting with Councillor Nick Sharman

DSC_0454 DSC_0455

During Democracy Week in the autumn term Councillor Nick Sharman came to Morningside to talk to the School Council. He told them all about his role and they asked him a range of questions. Nick told us he was very impressed with the councillors and their understanding of democracy and government.