Spelling Bee

The Morningside Spelling Bee is happening at the end of this term. We are celebrating the value of learning to spell.

There will be certificates for everyone who takes place and prizes for the winners in each year.

What will happen?

Every child will have a list of spelling words to learn for the competition. These are available below.

The heats will take place in class.

You do not have to enter; however, practising these spellings regularly at home may give you confidence to take part in the heats which take place in your class.

Two children from each year group will go through to finals on Wednesday 19th December .

All children are involved in supporting their friends at this event.

How will spellings be tested?

During the final you will be asked to write your answers onto a whiteboard.

The children in reception and year one will be asked to split their words up into sounds rather than to write them down.

Spelling Bee Y1 Autumn term

Spelling Bee Y2 Autumn term

Spelling Bee Y3 Autumn term

Spelling Bee Y4 Autumn term

Spelling Bee Y5 Autumn term

Spelling Bee Y6 Autumn term